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Maki net is a handmade landing net devised by professional guide Maki Caenis, has been created. 
The frame is Oil finished,Grip is made of staghorn.Made in Japan.

Very important notice,
Please ask to your local custom before order my Maki Net.

Scientific name:Cervus nippon. Still so many deer here in Japan.
Conservation status:least concern.

Model 10th anniversary,Thank you sold to U.S.A.

Dear Client,
About Maki Net.

Amulets made from deer antlers have protected Japanese fishermen since ancient times.
Maki Nets are made by full-time fly fishing guide Maki Caenis, owner of Caenis Fishing Guide Service since 2004.
Maki started to make hand crafted nets in 2006 during the winter, when there were few fishing clients.
He used to work at a ski resort in the winter. When he saw Japanese Birch trees on volcanic Mount Asama, he was inspired to build landing nets for native fish called Yamame.
He decided to use deer antler for handles, because it would stay submerged in the water, and make it easy to take pictures of Yamame. Also, it was very easy to catch and release Yamame quickly.
The deep snow during the cold winters in Nagano Prefecture inspired the "snowshoe" style of Maki Nets.

About the frame: Japanese Hinoki Cypress is a very high quality material which can last for 1000 years if used correctly.
It is grown for its very high quality timber in Japan, where it is used as a material for building palaces,temples, shrines, traditional noh theatres, baths, table tennis blades and masu. The wood is lemon-scented, light pinkish-brown, with a rich, straight grain, and is highly rot-resistant.
For example, Horyuji Temple and Osaka Castle are built from Hinoki wood. The hinoki grown in Kiso, used for building Ise Shrine, are called 御神木 Go-Shin-boku "Tree where god stayed".
It is also a popular ornamental tree in parks and gardens, both in Japan and elsewhere in temperateclimates, including western Europe and parts of North America. A large number of cultivars have been selected for garden planting, including dwarf forms, forms with yellow leaves, and forms with congested foliage. It is also often grown as bonsai.
Hinoki (and sugi) pollen is a major cause of hay fever in Japan.

Oil Finish on Frames: Since paint is not good for the water where Yamame live, Maki Net frames receive more than 7 coats of oil finish, which takes one week. When fully dried, the oil finish will protect the wood frame from water.
Net frames should be recoated with natural colored furniture oil every month. If you fish every day, you should recoat three times per month.
Maki Net frames will slowly change color over time, like fine natural leather. Please enjoy the changing color.

Roasted frame:Maki using a gas burner to Roasted frame.
This is required very high technology.
About white colored grip: Antler of this color is very hard to find, even in Japan. Maki searched for this exact color for seven years.

Carving by hand: After the antler is cut by machine, it is shaped by hand with a special tool, which takes about seven days. The shape is specially designed for taking photos of fish while in the river.
Hand tied net: Maki Nets are knitted from one thread, a task that normally takes two to three weeks in Japan, but is finished by Maki in three to four days. The nets are dyed, and treated with a special sealant so the colors will not fail.
Photographing method:Procedure for taking the best fish is to shoot it at an angle from the direction of the head of the fish.

Leather rope and a magnet of loss prevention:Use the rope for loss prevention always always. 
Magnets are consumables, if there is a need for exchange, please contact us.

Lifetime guarantee:As long as I live, it is permanent security. 
(It takes maintenance cost and actual shipping cost)

Thank you again for your order.

I hope you will catch & release beautifull Brook trout in your country.
Please please send me photos with your Maki net with Native Brook trout.

Maki Caenis
Builder of Maki net since 2006.
Owner of Caenis fishing guide service

Model Trophy,Thank you sold.

Model Trophy Yamame,2015 Latest model.Thank you sold.

Maki net can be purchased only from me.
It was work that was started as a work of original winter.

Type is different depending on the frame.
Basic model uses the cypress.
There are types of wood in many other.
Bamboo is also possible.

Frame to finish the oil many times.
In the oil that is used for furniture Antique, It will protect wood from water by this.

Grip are created at the corner of deer, First of all, please check whether you can import from Japan, the corner of the deer to the customs of your country.

I make the size you want the size of the frame.

Thank you.

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