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Last secret Fly fishing country, Japan!!
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  I-phone, smartphone user.春 "Haru,"・・・Spring. 
        夏 "Natsu,"・・・Summer.

"Aki,"・・・Autumn.             冬 "Fuyu,"・・・Winter.

Rod:Alexsander Glants Viblation.12ft.
Reel:P.D.Mallock wide drum,
Line:Maki Caenis Signature Spey line 8F.Maki Caenis Photo.

Yoshino-sushi,Haguroshita,Nagano prefecture,Japan.Higly recommend.

"The Invitation".

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living.
I want to know what you ache for
and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me how old you are.
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool
for love
for your dream
for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon...
I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow
if you have been opened by life’s betrayals
or have become shrivelled and closed
from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain
mine or your own
without moving to hide it
or fade it
or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy
mine or your own
if you can dance with wildness
and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes
without cautioning us
to be careful
to be realistic
to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me
is true.
I want to know if you can
disappoint another
to be true to yourself.
If you can bear the accusation of betrayal
and not betray your own soul.
If you can be faithless
and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see Beauty
even when it is not pretty
every day.
And if you can source your own life
from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure
yours and mine
and still stand at the edge of the lake
and shout to the silver of the full moon,

It doesn’t interest me
to know where you live or how much money you have.
I want to know if you can get up
after the night of grief and despair
weary and bruised to the bone
and do what needs to be done
to feed the children.

It doesn’t interest me who you know
or how you came to be here.
I want to know if you will stand
in the centre of the fire
with me
and not shrink back.

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom
you have studied.
I want to know what sustains you
from the inside
when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone
with yourself
and if you truly like the company you keep
in the empty moments.

"Passion for Fly fishing", diary at water side from Japan.

Please note all clients,My Fly fishing diary move to Instagram.
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Karuizawa Jazz festival.Where John Renon used live here.
"Thank you so much for such a great live to all musicians.Greetings from Karuizawa."
With love,Maki Caenis.
July 25 2014.

"Flower" from garden.
July 24.2014.

"Say Hello! "to Summer!!.

Say good bye to long long rainy season,
Say hello to Summer!
"Summer Yamame"
Most difficult to fish in my mind,Expect winter.
July 22 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

"Ecology investigation."
Yukawa Yamame Unlimited. released total of 8 spawning pair of Yamame to river Yu.Last fall.
4 each 2 places.
I am testing my latest bamboo rod every day but also doing ecology investigation.
I found that upper dam is not so many Yamame lives than lower dam.
The big problem is that there is no Fish pass at Dam.
Japan must re-make that fish pass,Otherwise Yamame and Iwana can not go back to up stream for spawning.
My question is Who hate Tag for fish?

Latest photos,(will up load July photos later as i am too busy)
High water very dangerlous condition but Yamame was very very active.
Total 11Yamame came to my caddiss fly I fished only about 2ours,

River Yu,Nagano prefecture,Japan.
Maki Caenis Photo.

July 2nd.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Say Hello to July.
Somewhere in Japan.
July 1st 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Went to my secret river Number 1.
Big rain,Very wet...
1 rainbow came to my wet fly.
Finish fishing as water color become dark because of big rain.
June 30 3014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Went to lake Yachiho from morning today.
Rod:J,S,Sharp(F) 11ft 1979.
Reel:J,S,Sharp wide drum,
Line:Maki Caenis Signature Spey line.
June 30 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Keep Rainbow and gave to Yoshino sushi.
They made special Rainbow trout shushi for me.
Told me that he use Vinegar to kill Worms ,
It was so mice!

This is called "Teru teru bozu".
Pray for not big rain.

One stop at local Miso store,
Since 1674.
Komoro city Nagano prefecture Japan.

Keizo Koyama museum,
Komoro city Nagano prefecture,Japan.

June 21 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Somewhere in Japan.

Fish called "Ayu".

Kaikoen park.
Komoro city,Nagano prefecture,Japan.

Tosay's Jiro.
June 20.
Maki Caenis photo.

I donated Gyotaku with wooden frame to rake Yachiho.

Big,big rain.

Here is image how to use leather rope for Maki Net.

Patagonia down sweater.

My leather fly wallet.

My needle tube boxes.

Maki Caenis Signature flaoting Spey line,Float very very well.

Only 13.5 degree.Cold day.

Went to rake Yachiho,It was big big rain.
Met nice fisher men talked about fishing in Alaska,Canada,and NewAealand.
He told me that he visited to Canada and Alaska for many times.
We talked aboutlake that they should make
To make a road and location of fishing for blind people foot.
I will requet to rake Yachiho.
One stop at local gas station after fishing at night.
He is fisher men and talked about each other's secret river a lot at gas station about more than 30 min.
He told me very interesting story,history and we are planning to go to fishing together.
For big Rainbow(my secret river number 4) and for land locked Cherry salmon!
"Can't wait!!"
June 19 2014.Maki Caenis photo.

Lake fishing was so nice today!!
Thanks for everything!!
Maki Caenis photo.
June 15 2014.

"Welcome to Nagano prefecture,Japan!!"
Japanese traditional Dinner with client.
Location:Kaizekan ryokan at Haguroshita,Nagano prefecture Japan.
Date:June 14 2014.

Mount Asama.

Ancient hotel,Karuizawa Japan.
Maki Caenis photo.


June 12 and 13.2014.Guided trip.
Maki Caenis Photo.

June 12 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

June 11 2014,Maki Caenis photo.

Shopping cold drinks for next clients.
10 June 2014,Maki Caenis Photo.

Lost trophy after 5 min fight.
June 10 2014,
Maki Caenis photo.

Named him "Char-bow trout".
Look at White fin.

Rod:10ft6inch #3/4/5.Switch rod.
Line:Maki Caenis Signature Spey line.Floating.
Tippet:8x today used Caenis dub,small dry fly.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Location:Lake Yachiho.
This is Radar detector for police.
Drive safety,
Not illegal here in Japan.
My question is,


One stop at home river,River Yu.
Very very nice color after the rain.
Did not fish as I was too busy today.
June 9 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Home river:June 8,2014.
"High water!",

Alexandra wet.
From left to Right,
Left one was came from England,It is too smart when it is wet.
Right one I tied this morning by my self.
There are huge size of beetle lives at my home river and
Alexandra works great for rainy season here in Japan which is now.
Maki Caenis photo.

After breakfast,am:7:28.
Maki Caenis photo.

"Wet flies".Organized...AM5:57.
Maki Caenis Photo.

"Midge flies",Organized... AM5:34.
Maki Caenis photo.


Start fly tying early morning,
Some times when I doing nymphing,Fish will strike to my Indicator.
Specially Orange color and White color.
Here is my idea.
Using NewZealand strike Indicator.
Maki Caenis photo.
June 8,A.M.3:55.
Maki Caenis Signature fly tying vice.
Maki Caenis photo.

Old fly found from old leather wallet.
June 7 2014.Maki Caenis photo.

Please note all clients,
Rainy season started here in Japan so please bring rain coat.
Thank you.

Yoshino sushi after fishing.
I bring fish for gift.
I got a lot of wild vegetables delicacies food.
Thank you so much.
June 6 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Home water.

Leader;Fujino line 14ft 4x.
Tippet,4x,5x,and 6.5x.
Rainy Yachiho lake.
Rod:Hardy Palacona 14ft6inch,
Line:Long bery Floating spey line 11F.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Fly tying from A.M.4:00.
June 6.2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Lake steel head cahgt by my father using my cicada fly.
Maki Caenis photo.

at secret river number 3.
Hit fly was "Jiro's wet".
Rod:Hollow build bamboo rod,8ft #3/4.
Reel:Hardy Fly weight,(gift from my client)
Line:Maki Caenis Signature Fly line WF3F.
Met local fisher men he was very nice.
June 5 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Location:Prince edward Ilsand in Canada,When I was teen age,

Location*Men's shop Takano.since 1948.
They fixed my very old Orvis vest perfect.
Special thanks to Mr, Takano san.

Shinsyu-Soba for dinner,I'm on diet.

New wet fly called "Jiro's wet,"
Using Jiro's hair for body.
Jiro is my Dog.
Great wet fly for dropper.
June 5 2014,Maki Caenis photo.

Building Maki Net.
June 4 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Old photo.
Toyota Land Cruiser 40,Spring creek water,and Canadian club...
Used sleep at home river river side.
Maki Caenis photo.

Building Maki Net.
Thank you so much for your order from U.S,A,!!
June 3 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

"Mum's the word."
Bamboo ferure,10th anniversary model.
Maki Caenis Photo.

June 4 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

2014 New,Maki Net.
Very rare,White color is in stock now!!
June 3 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

2014 New product,
Jiro's hair.
All sales will be donate to Yukawa Yamame Unlimited.
Thank you.
June 3 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Flowers called "Akashiya",Smell so sweet...
Met old local fishermen,Told me that there is trophy Rainbow lives at home river,He told me pin point.
June 2 2014.Maki Caenis Photo.

Bee...Here is problem in Japan after June,
My pipe's smoke helped...

Secret Dam made by wood.
I didn't go there for long time...

Went to secret dam from early morning till lunch time.
AI did not fish at dam as I did nothave muct time today.
There are huge size of native Char lives,But also black bear lives there too.
Back to home for lunch & shower.
June 2 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Say hello to June!
Here is photo of full hollow build bamboo rod!!
Can't wait to test it.
Based model Caenis.T&T.
June 1st 2014.Maki Caenis Photo.

Well,May is almost finish here in Japan...
Thank you so much for visited me from Switzerland,
Thank you so much for visited me from Oregon,U.S.A.
and also,
Thank you very much for visited me from Oregon,U.S.A.
I met so nice peoples this month.
I thank you for everything.
I don't know how to say thank you from bottom of my heart...
Have a great fishing days in June everyone!!

Keel Zonker,Hook size 2/0.

Dowble bunny,Hook size 2/0.

My favorite Levis jeans just come back from repair.
Sad things is that Levis Japan not sale model 517 anymore.

Found old flies at shed.

FBeautiful wet flies by Mr,Wakabayashi,Owner of pro shop Per Mark.
He passed a way few years ago...

"Riffle hitch"
Today's hit fly.
I found that Sea trout patterns works great here in Japan for Yamame.

Japanese native Yamame.
May 31 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Lancia Stratos,
Owner told me that he own more than 40 years this car.
Very beautiful car.

May 30 2014.
Location:Home river evening.


May 29 2014.
Went to Lake Yachiho & Home water after tying fies.
Thunderstorms and hail.
Thunderstorms was so pretty close, evacuate.
It had fallen to about 3 seconds after the sparkling.

Total 2 today,Lost 3.
Went to home water after that for evening rise.
Fly.Body、Caenis dub color code #13.
Rod:model Trout.
Reel:J,S,Sharp Brass foot.
Line:Floating long berry.
Leader:10ft Fujinoline.
3x,4x,5x,6.5x,7x,8x,9x,10x,and 11x.

May 28 2014.

Location:Home water.
May 27 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Location:Home river,River Yu.
May 26 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Location:Lake Yachiho Nagano prefecture Japan.
May 26 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

May 25 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

May 24 2014,
Maki Caenis Photo.

Yukawa Yamame Unlimited cleaning home river,River Yu,
May 23 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo

Visited my Fly fishing mentor,
Pro shop Char,Saitama prefecture,Japan.Since 1982.
May 22 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Very cold,Rainy day.
But total 3 Rainbow trout.
May 21 2014.Maki Caenis Photo.

Tying Needle tubes from Scotland.a,m.4:30.
May 21 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Total 8today.Trophy was 64cm.
May 21 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Midging today,Fishing was slow.Hook Size #32.
May 19 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Enjoy Spey casting,Green heart rod,Alexsander Glants Viblation.
May 18 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

50cm Rainbow trout.Using spey rod 13ft 8inch Line Maki Caenis Signature Spey line 8F.
Much better wormer than yesterday.Fishing condition was good.
May 17.2014.Maki Caenis Photo.

One of the best place for camping,There are coin landry,Toilet,etc...
Highly recommend who want to do camping guide trip.Located very close to Lake Yachiho.
Maki Caenis Photo,

The worst condition strong winds, high waves, very cold day today only 4degree.
Location:Quasi-national park,Lake Yachiho,Nagano prefecture Japan.
May 16 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Repairing my old Orvis short vest which I bought in Orvis Chicago shop whenI was 16 years old.
She is 28 years old...
Maki Caenis Photo.

Strawberry after fishing,Makes me happy.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Testing needle tube flies from Scotland at home water.
May 15 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Tube flies,Fly box is made by Mr,Ken Sawada.
Maki Caenis photo,

Repararing felt soles for the safety fishing,Hard work.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Lunch for Sushi.
I and my father went to sushi restrant.
Maki Caenis Photo.

Tying flies for next clients.For June at lake.

Using Caenis Dub & Maki Caenis Signature tying vise.
May 13 2014.
Maki Caenis Photo,

"All, and beautiful as it is..."
May 12 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Testing prototype single hand fly rod.
Maki Caenis photo.

Went to onsen.
Maki Caenis photo.

Guided trip photos,May 8&9.
Maki Caenis photo.

Good size of Yamame caught by 6years old client by Tenkara.

We had great dinner,Bear meat, mountain vegetables, wild boar, udon and Japanese beer.

This ryokan's owner is hunter.

C&R,Client enjoy Tenkara style.

Guided trip photos May 6,&7.

May 1st.
Went to lake Yachiho.
Fishing was slow and it was very cold day.

May 2,Client photos.
Maki Caenis photo.

May 3,Last day was great!!

Guided trip photos May 1 to May 3.

After super hatch.
Home water,

Maki Caenis photo.

Yes,It happen!!
Day time,12:15.
Japanese native Iwana.18 inch,
Maki Caenis Photo.

Mount Asama & Cherry blossoms at home water.
Most of snow melted Mount Asama,
It tells us that Yamame's best season has come.
April 24.2014.
Maki Caenis Photo.

River Chikuma & Cherry Blossoms.
Beautiful Par Mark,Japanese native Yamame after the rain.
April 18 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Spring has come to Japan!!
Date April 16 2014.
Maki Caenis photo.

Location:River Chikuma.
Date:Oct 30 2013.
Maki Caenis photo.

Location:River Chikuma.
Date:Oct 23 2013.
Maki Caenis photo.

Yukawa Yamame unlimited released spawning Yamame to river Yu for next season.
I am doing this for volunteer non-profit.I used my money from sales of my guide service.
We must respect Yamame as Yamame will die after spawning. Yamame spawn only once of life.
I hope Yamame grow so many.Mother nature knows.
Thank you very much for your understanding and please donate for Yukawa Yamame unlimited.
Location:River Yu,Nagano Japan.
Maki Caenis photo.

Went to Hontani, River Kanna catch &release,fly fishing and tenkara only river in Gunma Japan.
There are 7beet you can book,Very hard to get reservation in Japan.
Ask me booking for 2014 season.
Photos uploaded to Maki net page,
Maki Caenis Photo.13th Sep 2013.

About Maki Caenis,
Maki Caenis was born in Nagano and started fly fishing at the age of 15. 

Having lived in South iland of New Zealand for Fly fishing 1year,and lived in Nelson B.C.,North Vancouver Canada,2years.as student.

Majoring in natural science in B.C.Canada, and have graduated with a degree.

Help developed and honed his fly fishing and guiding skills along with trips to Yellow Stone National Park USA,

Campbell river,Vancouver Island B.C.Canada,

Prince edward Island Canada.

Maki guides and fly fishes more than 200 days during the season ,
the majority of the time is spend on the rivers and
lakes during the summer. 
Maki also owns and manages the Caenis Fly Shop.

The target of trout

Yamame trout main,Char,Rainbow trout.

Season: Yamame and Char,16th of Feb to the end of Sep.
Rainbowtrout;At river All season.Lake except winter.

Hollow bamboo rod ,Hand made Maki Staghorn Net &
Japanese beautiful Syaku Yamame.

5 reasons to hire a guide.why?
1, It is much safety.
2,Guide can speak English.
3,Can save your time and money.
4, There is a wealth of fresh informations.
5, There is knowledges, confidence and experiences.

Before we fish Yamame,Let me talk about some things seems to be possible to share with.

・ Please do not wear over the summer and fall clothes black colors, and the colors red, cap, and a hat.
In Japan, have bee having a very strong poison. I will see if there is always safety in the preview for the hive, when you encounter any chance, is because these do not stimulate the bees.
・Do not look at the bees. We are a black eye, especially Japanese. again,. Bees will attack toward the black,Also includes hair color black.That do not stimulate the bee is always important.

For stalking.
Yamame are sensitive to sound. Let 's walk always quietly. Let's talk quietly.
Yamame is also sensitive to color. Please do not wear the shirt of a showy color.

・Yamame is also sensitive to speed. Please drop the line speed as much as possible. To move the head of the Yamame is early birds. Yamame so he know it, They hate things in the instinct to move fast.So again let's drop the line speed.

Eyes of the Yamame is good. Use the 7x main. Please do not hooking whether strong. Is sufficient not to cut your tippett, in moderate light hooking.

Reading the water,

Natural drift and drag.
・Yamame usually does not like drag. Of dry fly fishing is especially please try the natural drift.

It may be necessary for that not to turn over the line. It is called a trick cast.

But paradoxically, Yamame have been repeated a release,
For the hatch of caddis, and prefer the drag may flies, on a windy day.

Slack line.
Please be careful always Slack line. Slack is required for natural drift, for good hooking will also need to remove the line slack...

Photo:Reverse U trick cast.Attention to the tip of the fly line.

After the rain

Rise after the rain may be,possibility for a flying ant.and/or for Terrestrial insect such as beetle.

Often happens after the rain super hatch of crane fly.

Polarizing lens.
Please do not forget to bring polarized lenses.
May be to site fishing.
The dimming polarized is best.

・No need to bring "Distance"rod for Yamame,Please use soft action rod for long tippett. and for rolling fight,head shaking. Your old cane,bamboo rod or even grass rod works very well for Yamame.
・It doesn't matter if disk drag reel or click, I enjoy old reels sometimes for fun.
Please use if you like so There are bamboo rod and carbon rod for Yamame dedicated.
Depending on the location of the guide, you can use up to the main rod of 9ft from the 8ft. Also enjoy a switch or spey rod. Length is around 12ft.

Fly line,
・There are rental tackles included fly lines which I designed for Yamame.But if you wish to bring your fly line,Please bring floating #4 for dry fly and #5 for Nymph,Wet,and Streamers. #3 is most populer here in japan but I like #4 better for windy day. Long rear taper will helps you mending,roll cast,also for single handed spey cast. No need to bring heavy sink tips for Yamame.

・The length of taper leader I use 9ft, 10ft and 12ft.sometimes I use 15ft but not so much.

Will be continued...( I will write)
Casting angle.
for example,your text book said back cast in the 10 o'clock, to stop at the front 2 o'clock,Please forget.
Opened, at some point with backspace, at 11 o'clock the back cast, let's take it to the front at the 3 o'clock position.
Will be in contact with the water in the middle of a turn leader or tip of the fly line, it is good.
This technology, it will be important if there is a flow early point in front of the complex and still requires a dead drift in particular, please remember this when fishing Yamame rise.

Please relax and not always use excessive force.
Casting is not intended to do by force.
Please concentrate on fly flowing.

I use the wrist to the casting.
Since this is actually faster to get a look, please request the day if you wish.

Japan is a cold water, fish cold as well.
When you touch the fish please make sure your hands is cool enough, let's take some picture.
Quick release, can be done safely.

You may be totally different to experience Fly fishing maybe.
So, come visit your mentor when you go back home to your country, please ask them to reset to forget these things. This is very important.

Fishing license
There are two types of fishing licenses for roughly.
One thing a day ticket valid for one day,
Season ticket is valid for one season.
Most clients will buy a day ticket.
Advance purchase, purchase on-site fees are different, we recommend advance purchase.
You do not need a photo for a day ticket.

By the river, please follow since there is regulation of catch and release only in the rule.

Option course you can choose is,There is a river of brown trout sashimi that can eat and rainbow trout. Winter is particularly recommended.Please tell me even if it can bring back and,or to eat is the first choice.

We can do 1st day lesson,2nd,and 3rd day guided fishing.

Guide area,
Do you will be the guide in Yamanashi Prefecture and Gunma Prefecture and Matsumoto?
Yes, I do guide those area.

What you should bring for guide trips.

1.Rain Coat

2.Polarized glasses.

3.Waders,(We have Men's M size and wading shoes size8 for rent.)

Please let me know if having wader is your problrem.We recommend to go to north Nagano for guide trip.

No need to wear waders there.

4.Rod,reel & flies will be provided.(flies are not included for guide fee)

Hollow bamboo rod ,Hand made Maki Staghorn Net &
Japanese beautiful Syaku Yamame.

When you booking guiding,We will ask you some questions, Please let us know...
NO1. Is this your first trip to Japan?
NO2. Is price your only concern?
NO3. Do you right-handed? or,Do You left-handed?
NO4. You would like
winding reel with either hand? Does not matter which hand?
NO5. Do you want to fish Yamame?or, Do you want to fish Rainbow trout?Do you have request?
NO6. Do you want a pick-up to the Shinkansen station in Karuizawa or Sakudaira?
NO7 Do you have food allergies? Please tell me if things you like food and drink.

Please tell us in addition to such requests.

Please note if you are looking for our products,Caenis-Dub or Maki-net.
Click here to perchase Caenis Dub.

Click here to order Maki Net.
Will ship to world wide with tracking number.
Thank you.

Please feel free to contact us by secure e-mail.

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